Ali Leasure
Personal Trainer/Exercise Scientist

Ali is a 2006 graduate of IUP with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. She was an adult student, and she believes this has worked to her advantage because she has experienced the up and downs life has to offer, much like many of the clients she trains. Ali’s story began 18 years ago when she initially became interested in fitness, after losing a substantial amount of weight for her sister’s wedding. Now, exercise and eating healthy are her passions as well as a way of life. In the past 10 years since she obtained her degree, she has earned vast experience in the fitness industry. Ali has trained for LA Fitness in Pittsburgh, private studios, local community gyms and Aging Services of Indiana Co. as a group exercise instructor. Currently, she is an instructor for various fitness classes in the area and offers her training services to clients in their homes. About her career, Ali says, “Experience is so essential in this industry and I’ve gained tremendous knowledge from working with a vast array of clients throughout my career. I also have extensive experience in training at diverse fitness facilities, which has truly aided in my knowledge, skill, creativity & originality. It’s always been exciting for me to get others energized about fitness and help them adopt healthier habits in their life. I love my job and love seeing progress, especially when dealing with health issues where the outcome is a better quality of life. Let me help you in achieving your personal goals!”

Please call (724) 349-4629 or email to make an appointment with Ali.

Christine Long
Personal Trainer (Youth to geriatric)

Christine has been with South6Fitness, formerly Wellness Concepts, since 2012. Christine works with a variety of clientele, from youth to geriatric ages, with a focus on general  health and overall well-being. Christine’s main focus is to individualize training to meet the clients goals and health needs.  Safety, form, and function is the premise on which she trains to maximize results and the clients experience. She specifically specializes in general fitness, powerlifting, youth and sports and agility training. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education from IUP, Christine is also training-certified from the ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association). Christine has been actively training and lifting for over 17 years, has competed in powerlifting competitions, and has a martial arts background which she incorporates in training. She has worked around town at the YMCA, Uptown Fitness and as a private personal trainer. Christine is formerly from York, PA and lives in Blairsville with her two daughters.

Please call (724) 349-4629 or email to make an appointment with Christine.

Carole Zicha
Personal Trainer/ Fitness Consultant

Carole is a fitness expert, employed by Aging Services of Indiana County. She travels to satellite centers to help motivate seniors to exercise and is a certified personal trainer. Carole trains with clients at numerous fitness centers and in-home settings, in addition to leading small-group exercise with women of many ages.

Please call (724) 349-4629 or email to make an appointment with Carole.