Personal Trainers are available onsite to provide fitness training to help you achieve your fitness goals. Please contact us for further information and trainer references. (Personal training is a separate cost and not included in the membership fee.)

Headshot of Myron Prewitt, a male personal trainer

Myron Prewitt

Myron a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with a mission to help all individuals. Whether exercise or nutrition, Myron is passionate about guiding his clients with autonomy in reaching their goals.

Hello my name is Myron Prewitt. My purpose of personal training is to educate, encourage and help establish a holistic lifestyle with physical activity and nutrition! Health is the real wealth!!!

My love for exercise and nutrition started during my freshman year of high school. I always believed that health plays a big role in the quality of life for individuals. Aside from playing high school and college basketball, I always had a knack for helping different individuals with exercise and nutritional guidance.  Now that I have my certifications, my own personal experience, and my passion and desire to help others, I can now start my dream of helping others become the best version of themselves!

Krysi Botteicher

Krysi is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and holds a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. She has over 30 years in Cardiac Rehab, wellness, and personal training to help adults live healthier lifestyles.

Krysi, a female trainer, looking strong